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How Do You Build Your Sales Team: Who To Hire? When To Fire?

by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Aug 28, 2022 9:45:00 AM

By the time a business hires me to assist with the sales program, they’re pretty frustrated.

They’ve had sales growth and sales success but can’t seem to replicate or scale those efforts with sales hires.

If this feels painfully familiar, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t mean you’re in good company because it’s a miserable place to be and a dangerous place to linger.

How does a business build a scalable, successful sales program?

Who do you hire?

When do you fire?

Where do you start?

All great questions and if you’re a Small Business Owner, Managing Partner, or defacto Sales Director—listen up.

Recently, a group of sales guys with a podcast—collectively and cheekily known as “The SaasHoles”—invited me to join them on their podcast to discuss the build and lift of building an organizations sales program.

They had me at “SaasHole.”

If you are struggling with building a successful sales program, I invite you to listen to this podcast because:

  1. It’s not the standard advice about how to build a strategy, hire, onboard, blah blah blah
  2. You might recognize where you’re taking wrong turns in your efforts to stand up you sales team



I’ve consulted with dozens of organizations that start thinking their sales teams “need more training” to get the results they are looking for and when I dig a little deeper, it turns out, it’s not a training, or knowledge problem, it’s a leadership, culture, and strategy problem.

Hiring in your business is CRITICAL – but to get it right, you need more than a great job ad and comp plan.

Take a listen to the podcast above with hosts, Pete Jansons and Jamie Carney, to

Dig Deeper Into Your Sales Struggles

I’ve written several times about what it takes to build a Selling Organization and hiring your sales team—check out a few more resources:

If you’re frustrated with your sales results, your sales team, or spinning around in circles, reach out to have a chat!

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