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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Jan 29, 2015 3:34:17 AM

Is it hot in here? Or maybe that’s the heat of competition you’re feeling. You’re sweating at the cheaper, faster, bigger or slicker new kids on the block, trying to eat away at your market share and customers, clients or donors. Almost all our clients bring up “the competition” in

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Jan 22, 2015 9:57:21 AM

Buckle up, cowboys and cowgirls. If you’re still selling like it’s 1979 or even 1999, you’re in for a rough ride. There is a new sheriff in town. Her name is the buyer and she’s got bigger guns and is quicker on the draw, dropping sellers with old tired sales

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Jan 11, 2015 3:25:00 PM

Sellers have traditionally focused on buyers’ price and budget as their biggest obstacles. Guess what? Your First (And Sometimes Biggest) Hurdle Is Time On any given day, the average person makes thousand of decisions—both consciously and in “auto-pilot” mode. We make over 200 decisions every day just about food! (Pancakes,

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Jan 4, 2015 9:24:00 AM

With several Sales Kick Off meetings on the books for this first quarter, we have a lot of “selling” talk going on in our office as we develop content, slides and breakout sessions. The one thing we’re not talking about in our Sales Kick Off meetings: Sales Techniques. Selling has

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