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by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Dec 7, 2022 10:30:00 AM

Business growth can often seem elusive. But the right objectives, backed by the right marketing strategies, can ensure your business keeps moving forward. Here are three of the most important objectives for B2B organizations who want to increase growth and generate more revenue. Before we dive in, it’s important to

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by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Aug 19, 2022 10:00:00 AM

As A Business Owner, Why Should You Use Instagram? Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s engaging, it’s interactive, and it’s where a lot of people spend their time. Think of Instagram as a dynamic billboard located on one of the most widely-trafficked

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by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Mar 28, 2022 10:00:54 AM

For every one dollar spent on Google Ads, your business can earn an average of $8 in revenue. Where else will you find an eight to one return on investment? The answer is nowhere. Google Ads can be daunting. But it can also provide the immediate results your business needs

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by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Aug 11, 2021 11:13:38 AM

Your customers are using Facebook and Google every single day to browse, search, and discover. But which one is best for your business? The goal of this blog is to present you with helpful information that guides you towards smarter, informed decisions about basic digital advertising. But before asking which

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