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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Nov 30, 2014 6:36:22 AM

As you get busy putting the finishing touches on this year and planning for the next, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers. Yes, it’s critical to measure wins, losses, margins and profits so you can build budgets and projections, but don’t forget to spend some time planning the

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Nov 15, 2014 9:49:47 AM

Does this title feel ALL too familiar to you? I had an encounter with a business prospect last week. “Tom” had met me and heard me speak at a conference about “Meeting the Modern Consumer” and sent me an email to discuss what that really meant for his business. Here's

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Nov 8, 2014 11:38:25 AM

How are you getting in front of your target audience? Do they know your expertise and value? Did you see what we did there? We didn’t say "customers” or “prospects” we used “audience.” Because if you only speak to who you think will buy from you, you’re missing the boat

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Nov 1, 2014 10:36:42 AM

Have you ever had a chat with someone and you walked away with your spidey sense screaming that the conversation and/or the person was completely full of it? Or did you have the feeling that what they said was not in alignment with their intentions or actions? I call that

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