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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Oct 18, 2014 6:11:27 PM

If you’re an innovator, builder, game changer, entrepreneur, promotion seeker or department of one, it can be lonely trying to forge new paths. No one can share your burdens directly—even with empathy and support in your work, it can be a hard and isolating journey filled with doubt, sacrifice and

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Oct 11, 2014 5:04:19 PM

One of the most amazing benefits technology has delivered to consumers is the function of immediacy and the ability to make purchases, decisions and changes in an instant. I can buy movie tickets, stream a movie, transfer money, pay bills, post a blog, ship artwork, meet colleagues, collaborate on a

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by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Oct 5, 2014 3:27:00 PM

It’s not hard to find inspiration for our Sauce Agency blog posts. We’re constantly assessing our every day interactions for the best and most common selling situations that we can learn from or highlight. This week’s post was a lay up thanks to a couple of guys going door to

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