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Customer Experience: When You Delight Your Team, You Delight Your Customers

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Feb 28, 2024 4:08:15 PM


Want a knockout customer experience? You can't neglect your employees' experience. 

Seems counterintuitive, right? But happy employees mean happy customers. When your teams feel valued in their workplace, they are more likely to:

  • Give top-notch service, going that extra mile to make customers feel special
  • Come up with knockout ideas that improve the whole customer experience
  • Feel invested in the value of your company, which translates into a company culture that attracts prospects and more good fit employees

So, maintaining a good employee experience isn't just good for customers, it's also good for business.

Customer retention is difficult. It becomes impossible when you struggle with employee retention.

Customer Experience Starts With Employee Experience

Customer retention is challenging. It’s a different process and skill set than acquisition. Now that you’ve successfully converted a prospect into a customer, the big question begins to form: how can you keep them engaged and coming back to your business? 

The short of it is that you need to delight your customer. Delighting your customer is how you retain them, generate positive feedback, and sustain the best buying experience. 

Companies are quick to invest and optimize their customer success departments. Sure, customers are happy. But those same companies often stop short of that extra mile to really drive home that it’s a company that cares and a company that is invested in creating a respectful, yet still transactional, relationship with the customer. 

This is why creating a company culture is crucial to customer retention. And guess what's at the heart of your company culture? You guessed it: employee experience.

Is Customer Delight the Same as Customer Experience?

Customer delight is understanding what your customer expects of you and then exceeding those expectations. It's hand-in-hand with an outstanding customer experience.

You can achieve this outcome by going above and beyond in each stage of the buying process. In other words, think of how you wished to be treated while buying a product, then deliver on a remarkable, considerate experience. 

Here are five quick examples of customer delight in action:

  1. Develop a proactive support system. Show your customers that you care by responding quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Helpful features like chatbots, a dedicated contact space on your website, or positive habits like responding to a message with an update (with or without an answer) show you’re on top of their question or problem. 

  2. Personalized content in your marketing, on your website, and in your system is a simple yet effective way to show customers you’re willing to put in the work to make them feel welcome. Click here to learn more about personalized content.

  3. Reward loyalty with perks, discounts, and exclusive offers. At the end of the day, this is a transactional relationship. People love to work with companies they trust, but don’t hesitate to offer a little something extra to keep your customers coming back.

  4. Give all of your customers the same time and attention, regardless of revenue. This means that the customer that’s earning your company the least amount of money deserves the same time and respect as the customer who spends five times as much. Why? Because customers are people. Treat them as such, and they'll be delighted for it.

  5. Identify, plan, solve. Sometimes, a customer needs a helping hand. Maybe they know their problem or maybe they don’t. Either way, identify the problem they’re facing, build a plan together for how to solve it, and then execute that plan. This communicates to your customers that you value their goals and advocate on their behalf. 

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Aligned Systems Mean More Customer Delight

Okay, so now you understand delighting the customer is more than just doing what they ask or closing a sale. It’s hard to do, even when your entire system is built to perfection. If you have misaligned systems and processes, then customer delight can be downright impossible, even with the best intentions. Work falls through the cracks, messages fail to reach the right team, or the new sales approach conflicts with the marketing and messaging. 

Basically, customer delight and friction reduction go hand in hand. But in order to delight over and over, you need a team that’s just as delighted and prepared. 

That’s where services like HubSpot and ClickUp come in. 

Obviously, you need the right tools for the job. But it’s hard to identify what works best for you. Without them, you’re left twiddling your thumbs and scrambling to figure it out as you go. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, develop a Recipe for Results using collaborative, connected platforms like HubSpot and ClickUp.

Grow Smarter with HubSpot Starter CRM

HubSpot’s Starter customer relationship management tool, or CRM,  is a suite of powerful marketing tools built to delight your customers and keep your team on track.

5 capable marketing tools included in HubSpot Starter:

  1. Forms to capture leads at multiple website touch points 
  2. Email marketing tools, like newsletters and email client integration 
  3. Landing page development with inbound methodology guidance
  4. Helpful conversation inbox for easy internal navigation and organization 
  5. Email scheduling and automation are powerful tools in any business owner’s pocket. On average, drip campaigns, or nurturing email automation, results in 50% more sales-ready leads. This functionality in other CRMs is locked behind subscriptions. Not with HubSpot. Click here to learn more about drip campaigns.

Here’s the short of it: HubSpot automates the tools you need to delight your customers before they contact you, while you’re working with them, and long after you’ve made a sale. Attract, engage, delight. That’s what HubSpot does. 

Rev Up Your Operations with ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management software, but it’s more than just productivity software. It’s a way to delight your team so that you can better exceed your customer and client expectations. 

For Team Sauce, ClickUp has streamlined our project workflow, optimized time to value, and enabled our project managers to plan with our teams while advocating for our clients’ needs. 

Our team's motto is, “if it’s not in ClickUp, it didn’t happen.” ClickUp is our single source of truth—everything runs through it. It’s how we can keep work on track and clients delighted.

When you use a dedicated SaaS like ClickUp, you save at least 20% of your time otherwise spent on keeping track of everything separately. Fully customizable friction reduction.

That’s how you delight your team. And when the team is happy, your clients thrive. 

Delight and Align with Systems That Scale and Sauce Agency

There are more tools and systems available than ever before for both businesses and customers. How exactly do you choose which is best for your business? While we’re partial to HubSpot and ClickUp, we’re equipped to help you discover what software solutions are right for you. 

At the end of the day, you want to delight your customers and align your teams. Same here. And if you haven’t reached that point or need a little extra help getting there, we’re here so you can #GrowSmarter. 

If you’re ready to delight and align, contact one of our Growth Guides today.

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