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How B2B Marketers Use HubSpot And ABM To Drive Growth

by Kim Garmon Hummel

So, you want to grow your business. That’s a fantastic goal! In our experience, growth goals won’t get very far without a strategy. Developing a growth strategy may seem like a daunting task, but with an effective B2B Marketing team at your side, the process is so much easier. 

One effective growth strategy is Account-Based Marketing, or ABM. ABM is a strategy focused on growth, where Marketing and Sales teams join together to generate tailored buying experiences for high-value accounts. 

The result? A customer that is attracted, delighted, and engaged over and over again. So let’s dive into the systems and processes that B2B Marketers implement to drive growth. 

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Compatibility Check: HubSpot + ABM 

In order to deliver personalized experiences to your target customers, you have to leverage accurate reporting. An effective CRM should provide reporting that is granular, customizable, and testable. Enter HubSpot to the rescue.

Using HubSpot for ABM is more than ideal, it’s a marketing match made in heaven. HubSpot’s reporting capabilities are equipped to pull the kind of detailed reports needed for effective ABM. Pro Tip: read this article from HubSpot to learn how to set up ABM

Let’s Get Granular

HubSpot’s extensive reporting is easy to set up and pull, which means you have detailed data in a few clicks. For example, the HubSpot Reporting Dashboard can help you identify which channels, emails, and landing pages generate and engage leads from your high-value accounts. The best part? You can customize your dashboard so your reporting is highly specific. In turn, your growth strategy is equipped for success. 

Testing, Testing

A/B testing is a simple but extremely effective tool to gain insights on which landing page, email subject line, and call-to-action button your customers found most appealing. The result: your customers are attracted, delighted, and engaged again and again. HubSpot’s default testing tools make it easier to A/B test than any other CRM, which is one more reason HubSpot continues to set the gold standard. 

Two Teams, One Data Source

Aligning teams is easier said than done. But when Sales and Marketing teams come together with full data synthesis, the results are nothing short of miraculous. It’s about more than being on the same page, it’s about data-backed alignment on purpose, goals, and strategy. With HubSpot, teams can: 

  • Identify leads that are in the pipeline
  • Report on campaign performance
  • Determine ROI
  • Optimize Underperforming Efforts

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Marketing And Sales Alignment

Think of sales and marketing as the gasoline and lubricant to a car engine. A healthy sales department fuels the entire company to grow. But without an aligned marketing team, your sales department has no one to sell to. That’s when smart marketing practices and collateral bolster your sales processes and communicate to your customers that your products and services are the right choice.

This is where sales enablement comes in. 

To continue the car metaphor, sales enablement acts like the car’s computer. It communicates with every single part of the car—or business— to ensure every necessary component is functioning and on the same page. If there is misalignment or problems to solve, sales enablement practices identify them and improve your solution-generating process.

Sales enablement is all about providing your sales and marketing teams with the resources they need to work together and close more deals. HubSpot is your one-stop-shop for those resources. 

Your marketing team needs to provide your sales team with the assets and leads to grow sales. But your sales team needs to understand that the information should go both ways! Sales efforts can and should inform ongoing marketing strategies and communication. This is the heart of sales enablement.

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Integrate With Popular ABM Platforms

Finally, HubSpot leaves the door open for full integration with popular ABM platforms like Engagio and Terminus to proactively engage your target audience. HubSpot is also enabled to integrate with ad platforms on LinkedIn and Meta.

The takeaway? HubSpot has what it takes to fully service your ABM growth strategy. Specialized tools and features make it the ideal CRM for putting the right content in front of the right person at the right time. No wonder HubSpot is the CRM of choice for so many B2B marketers! 

Drive Growth And Align With Sauce Marketing! 

You don’t have to be intimidated by a growth strategy. At Sauce Marketing, strategies are our specialty. We know B2B Marketing, and we’re equipped with the tools and training to deliver on those strategies. We’re a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency, which means we have the expertise to help you drive the growth you need and align your teams.

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