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Your Crash Course on RevOps:  Everything You Need To Know About The Latest B2B Buzzword

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Feb 8, 2023 8:30:00 AM

If you’ve been on the B2B block for any time at all, you’ve likely heard the term RevOps bandied about. RevOps this, RevOps that—everywhere you turn, RevOps, RevOps, RevOps. All that talk can leave your head spinning, wondering “what is RevOps and why is everyone so obsessed with it?”

If you’re asking yourself that question, you’ve come to the right place. Buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight—we’re about to embark on a RevOps crash course.

What is RevOps?

Here’s a simple equation for setting the frame for RevOps: 

Revenue + Operations = RevOps


What does this equation tell us? Since you probably weren’t expecting a math quiz, I’ll give you a free pass. The equation essentially tells us that RevOps is all about how your business makes money. 

Sound’s pretty ambitious, right? You may be thinking that there’s a host of other systems that set a business up for revenue growth—what makes RevOps so special?

Good question. To answer that, we’ll need to get a bit more specific. (Heads up: this is where the crash course gets a bit more crash-y). 

What sets RevOps apart is that it’s a system that strategically aligns your sales, service, and marketing departments so that they all pull toward the same goal: generating revenue. 

You might be asking, why is RevOps alignment so important? Isn’t it better for individual departments to stick to themselves and get work done?

Bad news: that kind of thinking is outdated and also not profitable (which is probably why it fell out of favor). Because aligned teams—teams that share information, processes, data—close more and churn less, meaning they bring in more money. Let’s bring in some numbers to illustrate this better. 

Businesses with strong sales and marketing alignment are


 Alignment matters. And that’s why RevOps matters. 

 RevOps helps your teams align by dismantling departmental silos, and that gives management a birds-eye view of the big organizational picture. It helps them see what’s working, where there’s a communication obstacle, and where a process is holding people back. None of that would be visible with marketing siloed in its corner, and sales holed up in the other corner.

Individual departments are still responsible for their own systems and processes, but the end-to-end transparency of the RevOps model makes RevOps tick. 

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What Is A RevOps Model?

At this point RevOps is sounding pretty good, right? It’s a system that quite simply makes sense. 

So now let’s have a look at RevOps implementation. And in order to do that, we have to examine the RevOps model. 

The RevOps model is a process—a series of repeatable actions—taken by any team with go-to-market functionality. Think: sales, marketing, customer service, or product development. Every step of the process works toward improving accountability, strengthening departmental cooperation, and efficiently driving revenue. 

Unlike other operational models, RevOps takes a customer-centric approach that all teams can align around. It encompasses the entire customer’s journey from awareness to decision and beyond, so that your teams have a consistent approach and customers have a consistent experience. 

Who Needs RevOps?

Is RevOps for every B2B organization? Probably not. But is it right for many organizations? You betcha. 

Businesses of all sizes in all industries can benefit from the streamlining effect of RevOps. After all, the benefits of transparency, accountability, and efficiency are evergreen—and universally appealing. 

Businesses That Want To Scale

So who really needs RevOps? Businesses that want to scale and grow. No matter what you’re scaling to or scaling from, RevOps provides the supporting framework and processes to help you grow. That’s because one of the biggest problems RevOps solves is the problem of revenue generation. And without revenue, your business isn’t going anywhere. 

Businesses That Have Broken Processes

If your business has processes that work, but no one follows them, bad news—your processes don’t actually work very well. For most businesses, this happens because the processes themselves don’t reflect the needs of all your teams or customers. It’s a rule that no one follows because the rule doesn’t make sense. 

Faulty processes are the problem, so what’s the RevOps solution? Streamlined, efficient processes that are regularly updated to meet the needs of both your customers and your teams. Under the RevOps model, all teams are on board with new process development, making them easier to align around. 

Businesses That Don’t Know What’s Working

Businesses that get it, get it. If you can’t articulate what’s working, you can’t make what’s working into a repeatable process. 

Issues surrounding churn and marketing ROI are notoriously difficult to solve. But with a well-organized RevOps team, you have a holistic view across every department to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

With the operational transparency that comes from RevOps, you can identify what’s working and what isn’t, making it easier to grow revenue and scale. 

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Where Do I Go to Get Started with RevOps?

By now you’re beginning to understand why the B2B world is on fire for RevOps. When it comes to the bottom line, there’s nothing that sparks excitement like the promise of revenue growth. 

Implementing RevOps on your own is an arduous process. Not only is it a hefty time commitment, it takes careful planning and dexterity to implement. The outcomes of growth and revenue are worth the effort, but it’s a challenging path to travel alone.

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