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Ditch Perfect: How Growth Driven Design Flips Sales and Marketing on Its Head

by Shawn Karol Sandy, on May 10, 2023 7:35:50 AM

When I say, “website redesign,” what’s your first reaction? Are you recoiling in horror, experiencing flashbacks to agonizingly long redesign projects of websites past, or are your eyes clouding with visions of evaporating dollar signs as you consider the cost? 

Yep, we’ve all been there. Creating a new website or giving your current one a facelift is a notoriously laborious process that usually takes a hefty front-end investment and months upon months of valuable time. Valuable time most business leaders can’t afford to pour down the drain or wait to see if their new site is working.

I’ve lost count of how many business leaders I’ve heard say, “We just don’t have the time and money to waste on a website redesign right now.” And let me tell you—I hear you. 

But what if I told you there’s a better way to create a website? One that won’t send shivers running down your spine when you think back to the cost and time expenditure? One that actually drives sales, supports your marketing efforts, and oh yeah, thoroughly delights your customers? 

I thought that might get your attention. So let’s talk about it. And by “it,” I mean: 

Growth Driven Design

If you’ve been in the Saucosphere for any amount of time, you’re probably thinking Growth Driven Design (GDD) sounds super familiar. That’s probably because we talk about it a lot 

Like, a lot a lot. 

Some might say we’re a bit fanatical when it comes to GDD. We’d say we’re just—passionate. 

And for good reason. 

Growth Driven Design does more than just pull a 180° on traditional web design (which is a feat in and of itself, which we unpack here). It also sets your sales and marketing teams up for knockout conversion and sales success that will send your customers over the moon. 

How does GDD maximize your sales and marketing efforts?

If you know anything at all about GDD, you know that the growth driven design methodology is a process of iterative improvements made to a foundational launch pad website over a period of time. It rejects the idea of putting all your strategy and planning efforts in at the beginning and pushing the “perfect” version of your website live. 

Instead, GDD ditches perfect (because really, that perfect website doesn’t exist—not on the first try, at least). With GDD, your marketing team pushes out a fully-functional website and then gradually rolls out prioritized improvements. Now, these improvements aren’t based on Joe from marketing’s hunch that a red button will convert more leads over a blue button (nice hunch, Joe, but that’s not how this works). 

Instead, your website sees continuous improvement based on real user data. It gives you insights that let you build a web experience your customers want to engage with. No hunches, whims, or guesswork. We’re talking real user data that reveals exactly what your ideal customers are looking for, so you can serve it up on a piping hot web page, blog post, or content creation effort.

Say hello to the hottest SQLs your sales team has ever seen

Over the continuous improvement stage of your growth driven design process, your website becomes more attuned to your customer’s needs. Using data analytics, your marketing team can target visitors’ specific needs and offer up the information and experience people are looking for. 

Web visitors are nurtured and guided toward conversion so that when they slide into your pipeline, your sales team meets an informed, ready to rock, sales-qualified lead. 

Thanks to data-informed decisions from marketing, sales has a better chance at closing leads, and leads are more likely to convert. With GDD, your web presence has a high impact on your sales and marketing efforts, and leads to actual revenue growth. 

Sales and marketing play nice together!

One of the super-strengths of GDD is that your website reflects the needs of your actual customers based on applied data analytics.

The second (equally important) superpower is that your sales and marketing teams collaborate over the same data, and the same goals. GDD doesn’t work when your departments are siloed, because internal data sharing and collaboration are at the heart of making successful user-centric web experiences. 

When sales and marketing unite behind a growth driven design effort, the results will make your jaw drop. As an aside, that’s also why GDD plays super well with RevOps—because they’re both eliminating friction and hacking down departmental silos, in their own way.

Your Website Sells For You 24/7! Don’t Let It Go Stale And Drive Away Customers

Now more than ever, your customers expect your website to deliver a delightful user experience. This realization shouldn’t make you wring your hands in anguish. Instead, view it as an opportunity to educate, engage, and delight them with your content. Use GDD and real user data to build a website that answers visitors’ questions and guides them toward a decision. In short, give them a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

A growth driven design agency like Sauce has the experience to interpret data, and elevate your inbound marketing and website design efforts. Want to find out how we can help you and your teams #GrowSmarter? Schedule a call with a Certified Growth Guide today!

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