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Please Never Send This Lame, Empty Email

by Shawn Karol Sandy, on Nov 6, 2022 2:31:00 PM

I’ll admit, I’ve done it before. In my sales career, I’ve been frustrated and tried to get a buyer to respond with something compelling but in my haste, I’ve sent the

“Just Checking In” email.

Have you received one of those? Or sent one?

At its very best, it’s a reminder to Bill that you exist. At the very worst, it lets him know you’re desperate and need a sale. It really is, “lame” in that it is a feeble and limp attempt to sell.

This email is empty of value and worse yet, it doesn’t deliver any insight but it asks that Bill be the one to provide information.

Because that is what you’re charged with doing now as a seller: Adding Value and Insight to help the customer make better buying decisions.

“74% of buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add value.” – Corporate Visions

In sales coaching sessions, I ask my teams to raise their hands and pledge with me to NEVER send another Just Checking In email ever again.”

Because there are better ways to follow up, be visible, and most importantly, move the relationship forward. “Just Checking In” is only self-serving and doesn’t add value to the buyers’ decision-making process.

So, what can you do to be valuable to buyers instead of sending selfish and empty follow-up messages?

Here are 8 meaningful alternatives to the “Just Checking In” email:

  • Send a case study with relevance to his problem and solution
  • Introduce a key team member with unique insight into the implementation or execution of your product or service
  • Invite her to a webinar where your team reviews their seamless implementation process
  • Deliver a testimonial from a client with their insight about working with you and your team
  • Comment about a recent event or news story about their company or competitors and how it affects her decision
  • Engage in discussions in his LinkedIn groups
  • Suggest LinkedIn groups or forums or websites that might provide resources to help her make decisions or evaluate options
  • Invite him to come into your business to observe how your solutions work

There are dozens of ways to reach out and stay connected to buyers without being about “me, me, me!”

Be creative, be helpful, be knowledgeable and deliver meaningful messages.

Demonstrate that you’re more interested in being of value than closing the deal. Focus on helping people buy instead of fulfilling your quota.

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