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Experts in Sales, Marketing, and Business Growth: Sauce Agency Is Your RevOps Optimization Agency 

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Jun 15, 2023 10:31:44 AM

If you ask us, there’s no such thing as too much experience, knowledge, or expertise. (We’d also add caffeine to that list, but that’s beside the point.) Case in point: our recent merger under the name Sauce Agency.

As a combination of The Selling Agency and Sauce Marketing, Sauce Agency is a convergence of expertise in sales, marketing, and business development that delivers powerful growth results for our clients.

Together, we offer a complete approach to boosting revenue that surpasses traditional sales and marketing methods. We call it RevOps Optimization, and it's like a double shot of espresso for business growth initiatives.

 Sauce Agency: More Than Marketing and Sales—A RevOps Optimization Agency 

The backstory: two perspectives, one vision

This is a tale of two businesses. At the helm of their respective businesses, Kim Garmon Hummel and Shawn Karol Sandy provided unique expertise in their fields of marketing and sales. That’s really where the differences end, though. They shared a vision for an organization that could provide: 

  • Alignment between often siloed departments such as sales, marketing, and service 
  • Improvements in operational efficiency 
  • A holistic approach to revenue growth 
  • An empowering, growth-driven company culture  where talented team members can thrive

They cast a vision beyond departments, and that vision is Sauce Agency.  The collaborative vision, shared methodology and collective expertise of Team Sauce positioned Sauce Agency to transform the way businesses attract, delight, and engage customers. Through this merger, the leadership team at Sauce Agency has  created a dynamic partnership that brings together the best of all business worlds—sales, marketing, services, and operations.

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Sauce Agency: a better way to #GrowSmarter & #ScaleBetter

As visionary businesswomen and entrepreneurs, Shawn and Kim were already knockout sales professionals, digital marketing wizards, and business growth ninjas. They knew from individual experience that the obstacles inhibiting business growth often transcend departmental boundaries. Their vision for Sauce Agency was to bridge not only the gap between marketing and sales, but between all siloed departments within an organization to unlock new avenues for revenue generation as well as  improved experiences for customers and employees alike.

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The common goal that guided the merger decision was to enable businesses to #GrowSmarter and #ScaleBetter. At Sauce Agency, we believe that growth is not just about increasing sales figures, but also about fostering long-term success through strategic marketing, optimized sales processes, a profound understanding of customer needs AND improving the employee experience with skills and training that reinforce core values. As a team, we’re committed to providing holistic solutions that empower businesses to navigate the ever-evolving market landscape with confidence and agility and #GrowSmarter. 

How Two Companies United To Become A RevOps Optimization Powerhouse For B2B Organizations

With the merger complete and Sauce Agency officially launched, it was go-time. Time for this convergence of sales, marketing, and business development expertise to shape into a RevOps Optimization organization.

Branding refresh: our new look

What's in a name?

For Sauce Agency, a lot. The name blends Sauce Marketing and  The Selling Agency into a name that encompasses the full scope of what we do here at Sauce Agency. We’re a growth agency with the special Sauce that delivers Strategically Aligned User-Centric Experiences for our clients and their employees.


Our new look and feel

A fresh name needed a fresh look. The new Sauce Agency rebrand reflects the future-forward vision Shawn and Kim share, and punches up the color with an audacious palette of vibrant blues, pinks, and neons. 

Its design reflects who we are as an agency, and attracts our ideal clients: businesses that are poised for disruption, crave dynamic change, and seek bold new approaches to revenue growth. 

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Bringing it all together: internal alignment for success

With the new name and look, it came down to the leg work—literally. Shawn moved into the Sauce office (A.K.A Sauffice) in Downtown Memphis. Then, came the work of seamlessly integrating clients from both companies under one roof without creating unnecessary friction for customers or employees.

Under the shared vision of Shawn and Kim, the new Team Sauce began shifting paradigms  for their now shared clients—setting goals, solving problems, asking questions (especially “why?”), and sparking strategies for growth.

Sauce Agency: The RevOps Optimization Agency For Businesses That Want To #GrowSmarter

Client success is at the heart of our merger into Sauce Agency. As a united force, we’re uniquely positioned to implement strategic solutions for marketing, sales, service, and operations. Our holistic approach to RevOps Optimization brings alignment, transparency, and stability for our clients as they journey toward their Growth Goals. Want to find out how Team Sauce can put RevOps Optimization to work for you? (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be ready to tackle it all at once.) Schedule a call with a Certified Growth Guide today!

Are you ready to #GrowSmarter? Schedule a risk-free call with a Growth Guide today!


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